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Cryptid Cuties
A-Z Drawing Challenge

The Challenge starts on Monday, March 20th

Are you looking for a new drawing challenge?
Maybe something cryptid, but cute.

Join me in my Cryptid Cuties A-Z Drawing Challenge! Combining my love of cryptids and cute creatures, we’ll be drawing a different creature from the alphabet each day. You can join us from anywhere - all you need is an internet connection and your imagination. Sign up to download the full list of cryptids (will be released on March 1st)

so you can get started right away.


WIN IT - One lucky winner will receive a Yeti weekend bag of goodies.


SIGN UP today and make sure to mark off Monday March 20th so that when the challenge begins, YOU are ready too!
*Full list of Cryptids releases on March 1st.

Thanks for submitting!

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